The traffic rules and regulations of the city applicable upon city streets and highways throughout the city and known as the city traffic code are adopted as rules and regulations for the control of vehicular traffic and parking upon all school property within the corporate limits of the city. Such traffic rules and regulations, together with the prescribed penalties for violations thereof, shall be interpreted, construed and applied insofar as practicable to all traffic situations arising upon school property to the same extent as though such school property were a public street, road or highway and for the purpose of this section, such school property is declared to be, and shall be considered, a public street, road or highway. All such rules and regulations, with respect to school property, shall be enforced by any law enforcement officer of the state, county or city, and they are vested with authority to direct, control or regulate traffic upon schoolhouse sites within the city. (Ord. 8-10-10.6, 8-10-2010)