(A)   When vehicles may be impounded.  Police officers are authorized to provide for the removing and impounding of a vehicle under the following circumstances:
      (1)   When any vehicle is left unattended upon any bridge or is so illegally parked as to constitute a definite hazard or obstruction to the normal movement of traffic.
      (2)   When any vehicle has been left unattended or abandoned in excess of 72 consecutive hours upon any street or other public property or upon any private property without the permission of the owner or the person in charge of such private property.
      (3)   When any vehicle has been stolen or operated without the consent of the owner.
      (4)   When any vehicle displays illegal license plates or fails to display the lawfully required license plates.
      (5)   When any vehicle has been used in or connected with the commission of a felony.
      (6)   When any vehicle has been damaged or wrecked so as to be inoperable, or violates equipment provisions of this Traffic Code whereby its continued operation would constitute a condition hazardous to life, limb or property.
      (7)   When any vehicle is left unattended due to the removal of an ill, injured or arrested operator.
      (8)   When any vehicle is found for which two or more citation tags for violations of this Traffic Code have been issued, and the owner or operator thereof has failed to respond to such citation tags as lawfully required.
      (9)   When the owner of private property or operator of any private parking lot makes complaint to the Division of Police and requests the removal of any vehicle.
   (B)   Impounding charges.  The Division of Police shall charge for removal and impounding the sum of $50 plus $10 per day for storage.
   (C)   Notice of impounding.  Upon removal and impounding, the Division of Police shall notify the registered vehicle owner of the removal and impounding, the reasons therefor, and the place of storage.
   (D)   Redemption of vehicle.  The Division of Police shall release the vehicle to the registered owner only after the owner posts bond to answer the violation causing such removal and impounding, or pays the fines due for such violation, or release is authorized by a court of competent jurisdiction, and also pays the impounding and storage charges.
(Ord. 3033, passed 8-10-76; Am. Ord. 5039, passed 9-26-78; Am. Ord. 5200, passed 4-22-80; Am. Ord. 6571, passed 1-8-91)