Unless otherwise provided in the ordinance authorizing sale of the real estate or interest therein provided for in Section 155.02, each bid submitted pursuant to Section 155.03 must contain the full name of each person, corporation, firm or other association interested in such bid and shall be accompanied by a sufficient bid bond issued by a compensated corporate issuer licensed to write such bond by the State, or a certified, cashier's or bank official's check on a solvent bank, as bid security, in an amount equal to ten percent of the bid or such larger percentage as is specified in the ordinance enacted pursuant to Section 155.02, that if the bid is accepted, such bidder will accept title to such real estate or interests therein and make payment of the purchase price specified in its bid, all in accordance with Sections 155.02 to 155.07 inclusive, the advertisement for sale and any specifications or conditions of bidding mentioned in such advertisement for sale.  (Ord. 18-72.  Passed 2-21-72.)