(a)   Except as otherwise provided in this chapter, promotional examinations and appointments shall be conducted in the same way as has been established for original appointments.
   (b)   All promotions shall be made by examinations conducted by the Commission or designee as outlined in these rules.  The Commission may establish the length of service in the next lower class, grade or position and other reasonable requirements to determine eligibility for the examination.  All such requirements shall be specified at the time of posting notice for the exam.
   (c)   Such notice shall be posted as determined by the Commission.
   (d)   At the discretion of the Commission credits for performance ratings of applicants for any promotional examination may be given.  In no case, however, shall the performance rating be given a weight of more than fifteen percent (15%).  The examination announcement will indicate what weight performance ratings will be given.  If performance ratings are used, the system implemented by the appointing authority to establish the ratings shall be as prescribed by the Commission.  If performance ratings are not used, an applicant may be disqualified for demonstrated poor conduct or lack of capacity in office.
   (e)   In promotional examinations, seniority in service may be added to the examination grade.  Such credit for seniority shall not be added unless the applicants achieve a passing score on the exam which may include a rating for performance evaluation.  Credit for seniority shall be determined as follows:
      (1)   Each of the first four (4) full years of service shall be counted as one half (.50) point.
      (2)   Each full year of the next ten (10) years of service shall be counted as eight- tenths (.80) of a point.
   Seniority credit shall be calculated based on the date of the first component of the promotional examination.
   (f)   The Commission may establish other requirements it deems appropriate as a part of any promotional exam.
   (g)   After the exams are scored eligible lists shall be created.  The Commission shall certify the three standing highest on the list to the appointing authority who shall appoint one of the persons so certified.  If there are fewer than three names on an eligible list the Commission may certify them, in which case the appointing authority may appoint one or reject all.  If the appointing authority rejects all such names, the eligible list shall terminate.
   (h)   If there are fewer than three individuals within the classified service that meet the minimum requirements for promotional exams, the Commission may elect to conduct an open, competitive or non-competitive exam.
   (i)   Subsections (a) through (h) hereof are specifically intended to supersede State Code provisions on the general promotion for appointments to a civil service position.
(Ord. 84-06.  Passed 5-7-07.)