(a)   In the case of sickness or disability of a permanent employee, unusual work load or other emergency, an appointing authority may request a temporary appointment.
   (b)   Upon request for such temporary appointment, the Commission may follow the normal procedures for appointment or take such other action as the Commission deems appropriate under the circumstances.
   (c)   Failure of any person on an eligible list to accept a temporary appointment shall not affect his/her standing on the eligible list.  If the person accepts the temporary appointment, it shall not be considered part of a probationary period in case of subsequent appointment.
   (d)   No such temporary appointment shall last longer than six months or the duration of the emergency, whichever is shorter.
   (e)   Any change in the nature of the employment of the temporary employee; or an increase in salary shall immediately terminate such temporary appointment, unless the Commission is previously notified and approves of such changes.
   (f)   Subsections (a) through (e) hereof are specifically intended to supersede State Code provisions on the procedure for temporary appointments.
(Ord. 83-06.  Passed 5-7-07.)