(a)   The Mayor, ex-officio Director of Public Safety, is hereby authorized to enter into one or more requirement contracts or to make or approve such other arrangements as may be necessary, annually, for the furnishing of special personal equipment prescribed and required for the use of members of the Division of Police.
(Ord. 34-56.  Passed 3-28-56.)
   (b)    Special personal equipment purchased by the City upon requisition issued by the Chief and approved by the Mayor shall consist of: gun, handcuffs, night stick, gun belt, holster, badges, leather boots and gauntlets for members assigned to motorcycle duty; buttons, shoulder patches and chevrons and such other insignia as may be prescribed by the Chief and approved by the Director of Public Safety.
   All of the foregoing items shall be the property of the City, and each member, in every case of severance from City employment and in such other circumstances as may be prescribed by the Chief, shall surrender possession of and return to the City, in the manner and at the time and place as ordered by the Chief, all such items of property as may have been issued to him for his use. All such items of property, which may be lost or upon failure by a member to return the same as hereinbefore provided shall be purchased and replaced in kind by the member to whom issued at his own expense.  (Ord. 71-53.  Passed 10-19-53.)