(a)   The Division of Police is authorized to conduct polygraph examinations on behalf of fire or police departments of municipal corporations within Cuyahoga County in order to assist such municipalities in the investigation of crime and the determination of the qualifications for employment of prospective employees of police departments after approval of each such request for examination by the Director of Public Safety or the Chief of Police.
(Ord. 63-62.  Passed 11-5-62.)
   (b)   In order to defray the costs of the polygraph examination, the Chief of Police is authorized and directed to charge a fee of one hundred fifteen dollars ($115.00) for each polygraph examination given. The Chief of Police may waive this fee if in his or her judgment the examination provided information which was beneficial to the Division of Police. Such fees collected shall be paid by the Chief of Police to the Director of Finance, who shall credit them to the General Fund of the City.
(Ord. 24-91.  Passed 5-6-91.)