135.02  HOLIDAYS.
   Members and other uniformed personnel of the Division of Police shall be granted as holidays New Year's Day, Presidents Day, Good Friday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, the member’s birthday and a personal day in the calendar year 1977 and each succeeding calendar year thereafter.  Members and other uniformed personnel may be required to work on the foregoing named holidays, provided such members and uniformed personnel shall be granted time off, equal to the number of hours worked on the holiday, during a succeeding calendar week as designated by the Chief of Police, which time off shall apply on the work week as defined in this section.
   In the event a member's customary day off, or that of other uniformed personnel, falls on any of such holidays, the member or other uniformed personnel shall be given a day off in lieu of the holiday. In all such cases the date of such day or hours off duty shall be designated by the Chief so as to cause minimum interference with customary and normal operation of the Division.
   If, due to scheduling, holidays are not taken in the year earned, they may be accumulated and taken off in the subsequent calendar year at the salary rate in effect at the time when the holiday is taken.  (Ord. 31-81.  Passed 4-6-1981.)