The city is committed to the best practices of municipal governance, innovation and administration, including those related to ethics, finances, budgeting, safety forces, infrastructure, human resources, planning and development, and current issues facing Lakewood. To achieve these goals, councilmembers and the mayor shall complete training on the best practices of municipal governance and administration. Training sessions are to be provided for by the city, as determined by council, within three months of a person's election or appointment to the position of councilmember or mayor.
   Training shall consist of four contact hours of instruction for new councilmembers and 16 contact hours of instruction for a new mayor. Councilmembers who have previously served on council and any mayor who has previously held the office of mayor of the city are exempt from the requirements of this section.
   When training is completed, the clerk of council shall provide each officer with a certificate of completion. The certificate shall be signed by the person designated by council to verify the completion of the training. The signed certificate shall be filed with the clerk of council prior to the expiration of the three-month period of time for the completion of training.