(a)   Taxation by Vote of Council. In any calendar year, taxes may be levied upon the tax duplicate without a vote of the people for the current operating expenses of the city, but no such tax shall be levied at a rate exceeding by more than 5.2 mills the rate for these purposes within the constitutional limitation allocated to the city on the 1938 tax duplicate. Except as permitted in this section, all power to tax shall be as defined and limited by general law.
   (b)   Levy for Police and Fire Pension Fund.   Notwithstanding any other provision of this charter, and in addition to all other levies authorized or required by law, but otherwise in the manner provided for the making of other municipal levies, council shall levy annually, without a vote of the people, outside the constitutional and statutory 10-mill limitation and outside the limitations provided by this charter, a tax upon all real and personal property listed for taxation upon the tax lists and duplicates for each year sufficient in rate to provide all moneys required to meet the city's obligations related to the Ohio Police and Fire Pension Fund and to pay debt charges on securities issued to support the fund.
   (c)   Levy for Certain Municipal Improvements. Without prejudice to the use of other funds from taxes or other sources available for these purposes, council may levy a tax upon all real and personal property listed for taxation upon the tax list and duplicate at a rate not to exceed two mills outside the levies provided in Section 5.10(a) and (b) to provide a fund for the purpose of financing the reconstruction, expansion, operation and maintenance of a sewage disposal plant and sewer system, and the capital needs of street infrastructure, municipal buildings, parks and recreation facilities.