10-1-1: PURPOSES:
This title is adopted for the following purposes:
To promote and protect the health, safety, comfort, morals, welfare, convenience, and necessity of the public;
To secure adequate light, pure air, privacy, and convenience of access to property;
To divide the incorporated area of the village into zones, prescribing and regulating therein the location, erection, reconstruction, alteration, and use of buildings, structures, and land for residential, business, manufacturing, and other specific uses;
To fix reasonable standards to which the buildings and structures shall conform; and provide that alterations or remodeling of existing buildings or structures be conducted in accordance with current standards as set forth herein;
To regulate and limit the intensity of use of land;
To protect the physical and mental health of the public by reducing or abating objectionable smoke, noise, or other objectionable materials or influences wherever possible;
To protect against fire, explosions, noxious fumes, and other dangers;
To avoid or lessen congestion in the public streets;
To establish setback lines along streets, trafficways, drives, parkways, and storm and flood water runoff channels or basins, and to regulate the location of structures relative to such lines;
To otherwise avoid or lessen the hazards to persons or damage to property resulting from the accumulation or runoff of storm and flood water;
To prevent the overcrowding of land and the undue concentration of structures by regulating and limiting the use and bulk of buildings in relation to the land surrounding them;
To protect the character and maintain the stability of residential, business, and industrial areas within the village;
To prohibit uses or structures which are incomparable with the character of other appropriate existing or intended development within zoning districts;
To provide for the gradual elimination of those existing uses of land, buildings, and structures, and those buildings and structures that do not conform to the standards of the zone in which they are located;
To conserve and enhance the taxable value of land and buildings;
To promote the orderly development of Lake Villa;
To facilitate the more efficient use of existing utilities, and make sure more feasible the development of sewer and water extensions;
To define and limit the powers and duties of the administrative officers and bodies as provided herein. (Ord. 2004-01-01, 1-14-2004)