Purchase of Real Property
   36.01   Purchase of real property
General Purchasing Practices
   36.20   Designation of purchasing agency
   36.21   Designation of additional purchasing agencies
   36.22   Powers of purchasing agencies
   36.23   Designation of Board of Works as purchasing agent
   36.24   Small purchase procedures
   36.25   Preparation of specifications and index of specifications
   36.26   Preference for supplies manufactured in the United States
   36.27   Purchase of services
   36.28   Protection of offers; status of documents as public records
   36.29   Discussions with offerors responding to a request for proposals
   36.30   Delay of opening of offers
   36.31   Evidence of financial responsibility
   36.32   Modification and termination of contracts
   36.33   Federal transit administration funds
Bidder Requirements
   36.45   Purpose
   36.46   Applicability
   36.47   Criteria
   36.48   Certified payroll
   36.49   Additional criteria
   36.50   Lowest bidder not chosen
   36.51   Access to Public Records Act