111.01   Restrictions on sales generally
   111.02   Hours of operation
   111.03   Failure to occupy space or be open for business
   111.04   Subleasing
   111.05   Responsibility of tenants concerning employees
   111.06   Condition and cleanliness of tables
   111.07   Combined rental
   111.08   Cleaning of market area
   111.09   Sanitary requirements
   111.10   Scales and measures; inspection
   111.11   Littering; garbage collection
   111.12   Uniform display of produce
   111.13   Identification signs
   111.14   Use of printed matter for wrapping material prohibited
   111.15   Wrapping and packaging cakes, cookies and the like
   111.16   Sale of sandwiches and the like
   111.17   Sale of uninspected meat prohibited
   111.18   Livestock and dogs prohibited
   111.19   Sale of poultry, hens and fryers
   111.20   Use of short weights and measures; short changing and the like; grounds for lease cancellation
   111.21   Price fixing
   111.22   Sale of farm produce within 600 feet prohibited