71.01   Boarding or leaving vehicle in motion
   71.02   Riding on portion of vehicle not intended for passengers
   71.03   Using vehicle without consent
   71.04   Hanging out of vehicles
   71.05   Attaching toy vehicles to moving vehicle
   71.06   Recreational activities and play vehicles on town streets
   71.07   Moving vehicle of another into unlawful position
   71.08   Off-road vehicles
   71.09   Stopping to avoid obstructing traffic
   71.10   Driving through funeral procession
   71.11   Left turns at certain intersections
   71.12   Turning around
   71.13   Backing
   71.14   Emerging from alley, driveway or building
   71.15   Driving on sidewalks, walkways, and multi-purpose recreational trails
   71.16   Moving from parked position
   71.17   Emergency vehicles
   71.18   School zones
   71.19   Play streets
   71.20   Quiet zones
   71.21   Hauling debris and refuse in uncovered vehicles
   71.22   [Reserved]
   71.23   [Reserved]
   71.24   No through truck traffic permitted on certain town-maintained streets
   71.25   No through traffic permitted on certain streets or intersections within the town