Municipal Use Tax
   36.01   Imposition of tax
   36.02   Collection of tax
Municipal Retailers Occupation Tax
   36.15   Imposition of tax
   36.16   Report to be filed
   36.17   Payment of tax
Municipal Cannabis Retailers’ Occupation Tax
   36.20   Tax imposed; rate
   36.21   Collection of tax by retailers
Foreign Fire Insurance Companies Tax
   36.30   Imposition of tax
   36.31   Duties of agents
   36.32   Doing business if in default prohibited
   36.33   Penalty for failure to make report
   36.34   Proceeds benefit Fire Department
Vehicles For-Hire Tax
   36.45   Definition
   36.46   Imposition of tax
Municipal Utility Tax
   36.50   Tax imposed
   36.51   Exceptions
   36.52   Additional taxes
   36.53   Collection
   36.54   Reports to municipality
   36.55   Imposition of tax on natural gas
   36.56   Collection of natural gas tax
   36.57   Electric and gas utilities notified
   36.58   Credit for over-payment
Simplified Municipal Telecommunications Tax
   36.70   Tax imposed
Non-Home Rule Retailers’ Occupation Tax
and Service Occupation Tax (Sales Taxes)
   36.80   Imposition of taxes
   36.81   Applicable date
   36.82   Filing with Illinois Department of Revenue
   36.99   Penalty