General Provisions
   53.001   Leaders and connection with storm sewer required; procedure in case of noncompliance
   53.002   Sewer access charges and water access charges
   53.003   Water and/or sewer fees
Water Use
   53.020   Water service charges
   53.021   Water connection fee for safe drinking water testing program
   53.022   Use of water without meter; tampering with meter; deposit upon installation of meter
   53.023   Bills; procedure generally; procedure upon failure to pay
   53.024   Estimated water meter reading charges
   53.025   Water Revenue Fund
   53.026   Water connection permit; required; application
   53.027   Tapping fees
   53.028   Water connection fee
   53.029   Termination and restoration of service
   53.030   Nonessential water usage upon critical water deficiency
Sewer Use Generally
   53.040   Definitions
   53.041   Authority of enforcing agent
Sewer Use Regulations
   53.055   Disposal of waste in unsanitary manner prohibited
   53.056   Discharge of sewage and the like to natural outlets restricted
   53.057   Use of privies and the like restricted
   53.058   Installation of toilet facilities and connection to public sewer required
   53.059   Compliance with standards required
   53.060   Sewer connection permit; required; application
   53.061   Building sewers; permits; fee; responsibility; and the like
   53.062   Prohibited discharges
   53.063   Grease, oil and sand traps
   53.064   Control manhole
   53.065   Owner to maintain preliminary treatment facilities and the like
   53.066   Laboratory measurements, tests and the like to be provided
   53.067   Damaging, tampering with and the like sewage works prohibited
   53.068   Connection with sewer for purpose of draining roofs, underground drains and the like
Rates and Charges
   53.080   Charges
   53.081   Wastewater service charges; generally; measurement of flow for computations; formula
   53.082   Computation of surcharges
   53.083   Minimum charge
   53.084   Wastewater user rate
   53.085   Effective date
   53.086   Bills; procedure generally; outdoor water use; liens; notice; foreclosure
   53.087   Disposition of revenues
   53.088   Accounts; annual audit
   53.089   Notice of rates
   53.090   Access to records
Sump Pump Requirements
   53.105   Storm water discharge prohibited
   53.106   Sump pump discharge
   53.107   Sump pump and drain tile system
Discharge of Surface Waters Prohibited
   53.120   Other prohibited discharges
   53.121   Disconnection
   53.122   Sump pump
   53.123   Inspection
   53.124   Surcharge
   53.125   Right to inspection
Backflow Prevention and Cross-Connection
   53.135   General policy
   53.136   Definitions
   53.137   Cross-connection prohibited
   53.138   Responsibility
   53.139   Owner responsibility
   53.140   Inspections
   53.141   Right of entry
   53.142   Authority to discontinue service
   53.143   Reconnection of service
   53.144   Emergency discontinuance of service
   53.145   Additional protection
   53.146   Public water supplies
   53.147   Plumbing code
   53.999   Penalty
Statutory reference:
   Authorizing city to provide and maintain a sewer and a water works system, see M.S. § 412.221(6), (11)
   Waterworks, sewers, drains and storm sewers generally, see M.S. §§ 444.075 et seq.