(a)   Soil disturbing activities submitting a storm water pollution prevention plan: The applicant shall submit two (2) sets of the SWP3 and the applicable fees to Johnstown, Ohio as follows:
      (1)   For subdivisions: After the approval of the preliminary plans and with submittal of the improvement plans.
      (2)   For other construction projects: Before issuance of a zoning permit by the Zoning Inspector.
      (3)   For general clearing projects: Prior to issuance of a zoning permit by the Zoning Inspector.
   (b)   Johnstown, Ohio shall review the plans submitted under 1199.06(a) for conformance with this regulation and approve, or return for revisions with comments and recommendations for revisions. A plan rejected because of deficiencies shall receive a narrative report stating specific problems and the procedures for filing a revised plan.
   (c)   Soil disturbing activities shall not begin and zoning permits shall not be issued without an approved SWP3.
   (d)   SWP3 for individual sublots in a subdivision will not be approved unless the larger common plan of development or sale containing the sublot is in compliance with this regulation.
   (e)   Approvals issued in accordance with this regulation shall remain valid for one (1) year from the date of approval.
(Ord. 13-2019. Passed 4-2-19.)