1109.01   Improvements to be paid for by subdivider.
1109.02   Inspection during installation.
1109.03   Construction drawings; dimensions; revision.
1109.04   Access roadway construction in AR Districts.
1109.05   Access roadway illumination.
1109.06   Walkway illumination in AR Districts.
1109.07   Parking spaces in AR Districts.
1109.08   Drainage in AR Districts.
1109.09   Underground telephone, electric and other lines in AR Districts.
1109.10   Village may require other improvements.
1109.11   Deposit required with improvements plan.
1109.12   Compliance required to obtain building permit or occupancy certificate.
1109.13   Service roads.
1109.14   Street lighting.
1109.15   Design and layout.
1109.16   Lights to be installed.
1109.17   Maintenance of lighting is responsibility of Village.
1109.18   Damages to distribution system.
1109.19   Completion bond required.
1109.20   Easement for energy lines to light standards.
Adoption of general rules and regulations for construction of improvements - see Ohio R. C. 711.101
Improvement defined - see P. & Z. 1101.05
Design standards - see P. & Z. Ch. 1111