10.01.101: Water Department And System Created
10.01.102: Superintendent
10.01.103: Superintendent Duties
10.01.104: Application For Water Connection
10.01.105: Application For Water Connection By Subdivider
10.01.106: Application For Water Service
10.01.107: Rates And Connection Fees
10.01.108: Water Deposit Fee
10.01.109: When Cash Payment Required
10.01.110: Special Rates And Conditions
10.01.111: Board Of Equalization, Rates And Rebates
10.01.112: Use Without Payment Prohibited
10.01.113: Discontinuance Of Service For Delinquent Payments
10.01.114: Turning On Water After Being Turned Off Prohibited
10.01.115: Separate Connections
10.01.116: Unauthorized Users
10.01.117: Period For Visitors
10.01.118: Pipes To Be Kept In Good Repair
10.01.119: Quality Of Service Pipe
10.01.120: Faulty Equipment
10.01.121: Sprinkling Vehicles
10.01.122: Department To Have Free Access
10.01.123: Nonliability For Damages
10.01.124: Water Not Supplied For Motors Or Siphons
10.01.125: Sprinklers
10.01.126: Conservation Stages
10.01.127: Emergency Restriction
10.01.128: Water Meters
10.01.129: Permits For Installation
10.01.130: Applications For Installation Permit
10.01.131: Moving Or Replacement Of Water Lines
10.01.132: Permits Not To Be Issued; When
10.01.133: Discontinuance Of Service
10.01.134: Fire Hydrants
10.01.135: Extension Of Water Mains Within City
10.01.136: Cost Of Extensions Determined
10.01.137: Amount Of Cost To Be Deposited With City Recorder
10.01.138: Return Of Money; Forfeiture
10.01.139: Ownership Of Extension
10.01.140: Supply Of Water Services To Person Outside Municipal Limits
10.01.141: Petition For Service
10.01.142: Extensions May Be Master Metered
10.01.143: Cost Of Extensions To Be Determined By Water Superintendent