TITLE TWO - Planning
         Chap. 1220.   Planning Commission.
         Chap. 1224.   Subdivision Regulations.
      TITLE FOUR - Zoning Code
         Chap. 1250.   General Provisions and Definitions.
         Chap. 1252.   Administration, Enforcement and Penalty.
         Chap. 1254.   Board of Zoning Appeals.
         Chap. 1255.   Design Review Board.
         Chap. 1256.   Districts Generally and Zoning Map.
         Chap. 1258.   Residence R-1 Single-Family District.
         Chap. 1260.   Residence R-2 District.
         Chap. 1262.   Residence R-3 District.
         Chap. 1264.   Business B-1 District.
         Chap. 1266.   Business B-2 District.
         Chap. 1268.   Business B-3 District.
         Chap. 1270.   Light Industrial I-1 District.
         Chap. 1272.   General Industrial I-2 District.
         Chap. 1274.   Planned Development PD District.
         Chap. 1276.   Health Service HS-1 District.
         Chap. 1278.   Flood Plain FP-1 District.
         Chap. 1280.   Off-Street Parking and Loading.
         Chap. 1282.   Provisions Relating to All Districts.
      TITLE SIX - Urban Renewal
         Chap. 1290.   Description of the Project.
         Chap. 1292.   Land Use Plan.
         Chap. 1294.   Project Proposals.
         Chap. 1296.   Changes in Approved Urban Renewal Plan.