(a)    Temporary fencing for the purpose of protecting landscape, shrubs and trees from road salt or drifting snow, or protecting private drives and/or streets, sidewalks and parking lots from drifting snow, may be erected from November 1st through April 1st, with approval from the Building Official. Such temporary fencing materials shall be limited to construction of burlap, plastic mesh fabric of neutral or dark color, any clear plastic material, wood slat fencing (traditional snow fence) with wood or metal supports, or that which is traditionally sold and/or offered commercially as a snow fence.
   (b)    Temporary snow fences shall be limited to a maximum height of four (4) feet and shall be erected on private property only and positioned so as not to obstruct the view of pedestrians or vehicular traffic or to be detrimental to public safety.
   (c)    Temporary snow fences shall not be located within three (3) feet of any lot line, or in the City's right of way, and shall be maintained in good condition.
(Ord. 2020-130. Passed 1-12-21.)