(a)    A scale drawing showing the location, height and type of fence and distance from structures, easements, and swales. The proposed location shall be staked out to provide clear identification of the fence will be built.
   (b)    It shall be the duty of each property owner to determine property lines and to ascertain that the fence thus constructed does not deviate from the plans as approved by the City, and such fence does not encroach upon another lot of parcel of land. The City shall furnish such inspection as is deemed necessary to determine that the fence is constructed in accordance with plans submitted for permit, provided, however, that the issuance of the permit by the City shall not be construed to mean the City has determined the fence is not encroaching upon another lot, nor shall it relieve the property owner of the duty imposed upon him herein.
(Ord. 2020-130. Passed 1-12-21.)