Electrical power generators in residential use districts shall only be located in compliance with the following requirements:
   (a)   Generators shall be located in the rear yard.
   (b)   Generators shall be placed a minimum of twenty (20) feet from the rear lot line and ten (10) feet from any side lot line.
   (c)   Generators shall be screened from view from public rights-of-way and adjacent properties by means of a landscape buffer, or other approved screening.
   (d)   Generators shall contain sound attenuation equipment sufficient to ensure that the noise level produced during operation shall not exceed 75 db measured by the requirements of Section 1332.06 with the equipment in operation.
   (e)   Generators shall be situated so as to exhaust into the interior of the lot on which they are located.
   (f)   Generators shall be installed in conformance with the manufacturer’s specifications.
   (g)   Generators shall be fueled by natural gas.
      (Ord. 2008-58. Passed 11-11-08.)