No occupant, operator, lessor or owner of any dwelling, building or structure shall convey, lease, rent or otherwise change the use or occupancy, and no person shall commence the changed use or occupancy of any dwelling, building or structure, excepting changes in ownership or occupancy of residential homes where no change of use will result until an occupancy permit therefor has been obtained from the Building Commissioner. Application for an occupancy permit for change of use or occupancy shall be made on a form prescribed by the Building Commissioner, but a statement as to the mode of change of use or occupancy and the proposed date thereof must accompany the application. Upon receipt of the application the Building Commissioner shall cause an inspection of the premises which is the subject of the application, and no occupancy permit shall be issued unless the proposed change in use or occupancy is in compliance with the provisions of this Part Thirteen - Building Code and the Zoning Code of the City and unless all other ordinances and regulations of the City applicable thereto have been complied with.
(Ord. 2001-49. Passed 11-13-01.)