No person shall occupy, move into, inhabit or use a building constructed or moved onto any premises in the City, without first applying for and obtaining an occupancy permit on a form prescribed by the Building Commissioner. Upon application for an occupancy permit, the Building Commissioner shall forthwith cause to be made an inspection of the premises which is the subject of such application. The Building Commissioner shall not issue such an occupancy permit until the construction, alteration or moving of the building or structure for which a building permit has been issued has been completed in accordance with the plans and specifications filed and approved in connection therewith, until all necessary fees for building and other permits have been paid to the City, and until all of the provisions of this Part Thirteen - Building Code and other applicable ordinances of the City have been complied with. No occupancy permit shall be issued for a commercial building until landscaping work has been performed in accordance with approved plans or until an adequate bond has been posted with the Building Commissioner insuring completion of landscaping in accordance with this Building Code. (Ord. 2001-49. Passed 11-13-01.)