Within one year after the date of original issue of any building permit, all work to be performed under such permit, including finished grading, leveling of all excavations, provision for surfaced driveways or motor vehicle access to any main building and adequate enclosure of and preservation from the elements of the building, all structures for which the permit is issued must be completed in accordance with the plans and specifications. Such enclosure and preservation must be sufficient to permit the use of any building for which it is designed and sufficient to prevent the creation of nuisance or dangerous conditions and unnecessary deterioration of materials, and shall be sufficiently complete so as to present an appearance which will not have an adverse effect upon the surrounding area or the values of the surrounding property. Such one year period shall run regardless of the issuance of a stop-work order issued by the Building Commissioner for failure to comply with, or for a violation of, any provisions of this Building Code.
(Ord. 2006-29. Passed 7-11-06.)