Nothing in this chapter shall be construed to prevent the Building Commissioner from issuing a permit for the erection of any part of the building or structure where plans and detailed statements have been presented for the same before the entire plans and detailed statements of such building or structure have been submitted; provided that a complete set of all such plans and specifications as hereinbefore prescribed shall be placed on file before the foundation wall is brought to grade or to a height to receive the first tier of beams, girders or joists. In event of any owner permitting his agent to put in foundations or work provided in this section which may not be in keeping with the final plans and which may be contrary to the requirements of this Code, the Building Commissioner will not be bound by the work already done from the incomplete drawings, and the owner proceeds with such work as is authorized by this section entirely at his own risk.
(Ord. 2001-49. Passed 11-13-01.)