(a)    The purposes of the Architectural Board of Review are to preserve and protect the public health, safety and welfare by maintaining the high character of community development and protecting the real estate within this Municipality from impairment or destruction of value by regulating building in the Municipality according to proper architectural principles and design, and by regulating the use of materials, finished grade lines and orientation of all new buildings hereafter erected, moved, altered, improved or repaired, and the Board shall exercise its powers and perform its duties for the accomplishment of such purposes only.
   (b)    The Board will use its architectural judgment in such a way as to maintain the established physical characteristics of the various immediate neighborhoods as a minimum standard for new construction, and commercial and industrial buildings particularly shall be required to be designed in a manner in keeping with their surroundings. When desired by the applicant, preliminary studies of proposed buildings may be submitted to the Board for advice and consultation.
(Ord. 1984-39. Passed 11-13-84.)
   (c)    One or more members of the Board shall examine and review the plans of all buildings for the purpose of determining compliance with the requirements of the Ohio Building Code and regulations of the Board of Building Standards of the Department of Industrial Relations of the State adopted pursuant to Ohio R.C. 3781.10, and all of the provisions of the law applicable to such buildings. The Board or any of its members shall also be available to the Inspector of Buildings for assistance in the application and enforcement of the provisions of this Building Code and provisions of the laws of the State, including the regulations of the Board of Building Standards of the State.
(Ord. 1990-31. Passed 7- l 0-90.)
   (d)    The Board will use its architectural judgment in reviewing any plans for the erection of any new industrial or commercial buildings or for alterations to any such existing buildings so as to encourage the use of colonial design and architecture for any such buildings fronting on Brecksville Road between Daisy Avenue and the Village Square.
   (e)    The Board shall hear and review all applications for variances from the requirements of Chapters 1331 and 1335, but only to the extent that variances shall be granted for one, two and three-family dwelling structures and only for such structures that are not constructed of industrialized dwelling units. The Board may grant any variance that is consistent with the definition of variance in Section 1309.08(b) and that is consistent with the intent and purpose of Chapters 1331 and 1335.
(Ord. 1984-39. Passed 11-13-84.)