(a)    Except as otherwise provided herein, at least five days prior to the day of an Architectural Board of Review meeting, any applicant for a variance shall file an application for a variance from Chapters 1331 and 1335 with the Inspector of Buildings. Such application shall be in writing and on a form provided by the Inspector of Buildings. The application shall be accompanied by any and all data, drawings and information necessary for the Board to determine whether or not a variance is appropriate in the specific situation for which the variance is sought. For good and sufficient reason, the Board, upon a majority vote of its members, may grant the variance. If the Board determines to deny the variance request, it shall state the reasons for the denial.
   (b)    As used in this chapter, "variance" means a modification of Chapters 1331 and 1335 permitted in instances where a literal application of such chapters would result in practical difficulty or unnecessary hardship as a result of some peculiar or unique condition or circumstance pertaining to the construction, reconstruction and/or modification of a structure. "Variance" also means a modification of the strict enforcement of Chapters 1331 and 1335 when the regulation sought to be varied does not result in the diminution of the structural integrity of the structure for which the variance is sought.
(Ord. 1984-39. Passed 11-13-84.)