Before proceeding with the construction, enlargement, alteration, repair, remodeling or moving of any building or other structure, a permit shall first be obtained from the Building Commissioner by the owner of the premises or by a person acting as his or her agent under written authority of such owner, and such written authority shall accompany any application for a permit by such agent. Such application shall be made in writing and upon printed forms prescribed and furnished by the Building Commissioner. It shall, except for removals, be accompanied by three complete sets of plans conforming to the requirements of Sections 1303.02 and 1303.03. Upon the filing of such application and plans, the applicant shall pay a permit fee as provided for by ordinance of Council. In addition to such permit fee and only in the case of buildings other than single-family residences, the applicant shall also be required to pay the sum of thirty dollars ($30.00) for the processing costs of engineering and architectural review and inspection by City personnel. For commercial or complex plans, the applicant shall also be required to immediately reimburse the City for the actual cost incurred by the City from any engineer, plans reviewer, or construction professional for such extraordinary time spent for such architectural review.
(Ord. 2013-30. Passed 11-12-13.)