All plans and specifications submitted in connection with the application for building permit:
   (a)    Shall include a plot plan showing the relation of buildings to lot line, contour lines, showing building and drainage elevations.
   (b)    Shall include basement or foundation plan, floor plans, front, rear and side elevation and typical wall section;
   (c)    Shall include sufficient scale details to define the character of the exterior design and a typical wall section through the front face of the building showing front height, window height, construction, foundation and material to be used;
   (d)    Shall include location of buildings on adjacent lots;
   (e)    Shall include a schedule of exterior materials, finishes and colors.
   (f)   Shall include all information as required by Section 106 of the Ohio Residential Code.
   Site and location plans shall show existing adjacent finished grades and proposed finished grades relative to the street grades.
   In addition, for all commercial buildings, three sets of landscaping plans shall be submitted, one to the Planning Commission, one to the Architectural Board of Review and one to the Building Commissioner. Such landscaping plans shall, at a minimum, provide for the replacement of every tree by a like number of seedlings, for every tree to be damaged or destroyed.
   Plans for remodeling buildings which affect the exterior appearance shall be accompanied by a drawing sufficient to show the existing building and surroundings.
   The Building Commissioner may, by regulations issued by him and approved by the Architectural Board of Review, require such other reasonable plans, specifications and details thereof as may be necessary to properly evaluate safety, architectural and use features of all buildings proposed to be built or altered.
(Ord. 2007-07. Passed 3-13-07.)