No person shall make any connection with the City sewerage system unless the owner, agent, lessee, tenant or occupant of the property to be served by such connection has made application for a permit to the Service Director for such sewer connection pursuant to rules and instructions attached to such permit and upon which such permit is conditioned. The fee for such permit shall be ten dollars ($10.00), which fee shall be in lieu of any other fee specified in Section 1307.06. Such fee shall be payable when the application for a connection is made and shall be paid in addition to the inspection fee required by Section 929.10. The Director shall keep a permanent record of such applications made and such permits issued and of all inspections made pursuant to this chapter and shall be charged with enforcing compliance with the tie-in provisions of this chapter.
   Whoever violates this section and/or any of the rules and instructions attached to the permit and upon which such permit is conditioned, or makes such connection and covers it with earth or any other obstruction prior to the issuance of the connection permit and/or inspection by the Sanitary Sewer Inspector, as provided in Section 929.10, shall, in addition to the penalties specified in Section 929.99, be required to uncover such connection to allow for inspection. If the person responsible for the connection fails to uncover the same within fifteen days after receiving notification by the City to do so, the person responsible for making the connection and the property owner shall be jointly and severally liable to the City for any costs incurred by the City in uncovering the connection.
(Ord. 1984-11. Passed 2-14-84.)