When, in the judgment of the Municipal Engineer, soil conditions so require, he shall recommend to Council that the rigid pavement requirements set forth in Section 1010.01(a) be waived and that flexible pavement be used. Council shall by motion determine whether to accept the recommendation of the Engineer and waive such rigid pavement requirements. If Council does waive the rigid pavement requirements, any flexible pavement installed pursuant to such waiver by Council shall conform to the following specifications, which specifications are hereby declared to be minimum standards for the construction of such work, and are incorporated in this chapter by reference as though fully rewritten herein:
   (a)   For street pavement - Item 400 (Flexible Pavement), including all of the subsections of such Item 400. A typical bituminous pavement cross-section is attached to Ordinance 68-49, passed June 17, 1968, and on file with the Clerk of Council.
   (b)   For street bases - Item 300 (Bases for Flexible Pavement) of Division IV, Construction Details, including all of the subsections of such Item 300.
(Ord. 68-49.  Passed 6-17-68.)