The items of the 1973 edition of the State of Ohio, Department of Transportation, Construction and Material Specifications, as set forth below, are hereby adopted as the specifications and standards for street pavement and sidewalk and concrete steps for the Municipality, and all new construction of streets, sidewalks and steps shall conform to these specifications, which specifications are hereby declared to be minimum standards for the construction of such work and are incorporated in this chapter by reference as though fully rewritten herein:
   (a)   For street pavement - Item 450 (Rigid Pavement), including all of the subsections of such Item 450. A typical concrete pavement cross-section is attached to Ordinance 68-49, passed June 17, 1968, which is on file with the Clerk of Council.
   (b)   For sidewalks and concrete steps - Item 608 (Sidewalks and Concrete Steps), including all of the subsections of such Item 608, except that reference to cinders, crushed stone, gravel, slag, brick or sandstone sidewalks and materials therefor, are hereby deleted from all subparagraphs and subsections of such Item 608.