(a)   Council desires to arrange for the administrative handling of minor conflicts of interest between the City Attorney's office and private clients when such conflicts of interest arise from time to time out of the issuance of citations alleging traffic and other ordinance violations to be tried in the District Court.
   (b)   The Police Department shall, whenever possible under State law, reissue the citation alleging the same violation under State statute so that the matter which would otherwise be a conflict of interest for the City Attorney's office can be prosecuted by the County Prosecuting Attorney.
   (c)   When there is no comparable State statute for the violation of these Codified Ordinances alleged in the citation, the City Manager is hereby authorized to assign the prosecution of that case to outside counsel, being a lawyer or law firm located within the County, giving preference to a lawyer or law firm having experience in the prosecution of municipal ordinance violations, provided that this delegation of authority to the City Manager shall apply only to traffic and other ordinance violations triable in the Fifty-Third District Court.
(Res. 87-31. Passed 12-21-87.)