Fire Department
238.01   Composition; qualifications of Chief.
238.02   Duties of Chief.
238.03   Appointment, qualifications and discharge of members; compensation.
238.04   Apparatus and equipment.
238.05   Enforcement; police and other peace officers to assist Department.
238.06   Social officers.
   Fire Department - see CHTR. Sec. 7.8
   Firemen's Retirement System - see M.C.L. Secs. 38.551 et seq.
   Borrowing money for fire protection - see M.C.L. Sec. 117.4a
   Fire stations - see M.C.L. Sec. 117.4e
   Right of way of Fire Department vehicles - see TRAF. 440. 04
   False fire alarms - see GEN. OFF. 662.01(b)(12)
   Cost recovery for responses to emergencies - see TRAF. Ch. 450