76.01   Prohibition against parking on highways
   76.02   Condition when motor vehicle left unattended
   76.03   Police may remove illegally parked vehicle
   76.04   Parking prohibitions
   76.05   Parking near curb; privileges for handicapped
   76.06   Blocking streets prohibited
   76.07   Vehicles to be parked entirely within spaces
   76.08   Standing or parking for sale, advertising, or washing
   76.09   Parking continuously more than 72 hours
   76.10   Prohibition of truck use in residential districts
   76.11   Prohibition against open tailgates or rear doors
   76.12   Prohibition against loitering
   76.13   Unauthorized parking on rental spaces
   76.14   Parking regulations upon city streets in business districts
   76.15   On-street parking expenses
   76.16   Limited parking of tractor-trailer rigs on city streets
   76.17   Persons with disabilities
   76.18   Parking on private property in violation of posted prohibition
   76.19   Truck loading zones
   76.20   Bus stops and taxicab stands
   76.21   Parking in alleys and narrow streets; exceptions
   76.22   Registered owner prima facie liable for unlawful parking
   76.23   Waiver