(A)   The use of a rowboat or a sailboat upon the waters of the city reservoir for purposes of recreation or fishing shall be permitted.
   (B)   However, any person entering on the premises or property owned by the city and used for the reservoir, does so at his own risk, and the use of the premises for recreation or fishing is entirely at the risk of the person so entering the property, or going upon the waters of the reservoir.  The city disclaims any duty to such person to keep the premises safe for entry or use, and the city specifically does not assure any such person, through the enactment of this chapter, that the premises are safe for entry or use.  The city further specifically denies any responsibility for, or assumes any guaranty or assurance of safety to any person entering upon the property, and the city assumes no liability or responsibility for any injury to any person or property caused by the act of a person upon the premises for recreation or fishing.
(Ord. 1972-15, passed 7-3-72)