As used in this chapter certain terms are defined as follows:
   (a)    "Alcoholic beverage" means any beverage which the distribution or consumption of such is regulated by the Ohio Department of Liquor Control.
   (b)    "Business use" means the use of the Community Center Building or a part thereof by a business organization located within the City, for any engagement related to the business of the organization and expressly prohibiting any personal use or private affairs by officials or employees of such business organization.
   (c)    "Civic and community groups" mean any civic and/or community group as listed in Section 153.03.
   (d)    "Community Center Building" means the Highland Heights Community Center Building or any portion thereof including the surrounding property, walks, entranceways and parking facilities.
   (e)    "Community Center Coordinator" means an employee of the City, appointed by the Mayor, confirmed by Council and serving at the pleasure of the Mayor.
   (f)    "Engagement" means any activity including meetings.
   (g)    "Meeting" means an assembly for the sole purpose of conducting business.
   (h)    "Private party" means any engagement when the facility or a portion thereof is used by a resident in which attendance is by invitation only and for which the resident does not levy a charge upon invitees by the head, by the plate, or by sale of tickets.
   (i)    "Prohibited uses" includes but are not limited to uses prohibited by Section 153.12.
   (j)    "Resident" means an individual who resides in or is employed by the City and having attained the age of twenty-one years.
   (k)    "Security deposit agreement" means the security arrangement and deposit required by Section 153.09, providing for payment/assessment to recover costs of damages, if any, and required security deposit on a form as approved by the Director of Law and Director of Finance.
   (l)    "Use/maintenance fees" means all fees, charges and costs related to the use of the Community Center Building, not including fees paid for required security.
(Ord. 30-2002.  Passed 12-3-02..)