The Community Center Building shall be available for use by the following organizations free of charge:
   The governing body of the City of Highland Heights and its departments that sponsor City functions; boards and commissions, and the following civic and community groups:
      Highland Heights Garden Club;
      Highland Heights Women’s Community Club;
      Highland Heights Lions Club;
      Democratic Club;
      Republican Club;
      Boy Scouts;
      Girl Scouts;
      Cub Scouts;
      Hillcrest Council of Councils;
      Mayfield Township Historical Society;
      Highland Heights Baseball Leagues;
      Highland Heights 50 Plus Social Club;
      All Highland Heights Homeowner’s Associations.
   The use of the Community Center Building by other civic and community groups and organizations may be permitted by the Community Center Coordinator based upon the geographic area the group or organization serves and the benefits it provides to the City of Highland Heights or its residents
(Ord. 30-2002.  Passed 12-3-02.)