Whenever the following words or phrases appear in this title, they shall be given the meanings attributed to them by this section. Unless otherwise specified, the definitions in section 76-3-103, Montana Code Annotated, apply to this title.
   ALLEY: A public right-of-way which provides only a secondary means of access to property and is not intended for general travel.
   BOARD OR PLANNING BOARD: The official appointed consolidated Planning Board.
   DEAD END STREET: A street in which both ingress and egress to an area are restricted to the use of one street.
   EASEMENT: An interest in land owned by another person, consisting of the right to use or control the land, or an area above or below it, for a specific limited purpose.
   INTERMITTENT STREAM: A stream or part of a stream that is below the water table for at least some part of the year and that obtains its flow from both groundwater discharge and surface runoff.
   LOT: A single parcel or plot of land shown on a plat and intended for individual ownership.
   PERENNIAL STREAM: A stream or part of a stream that, under normal precipitation conditions, flows throughout the year. Streams that are dewatered during part of the year by withdrawals, but would otherwise flow throughout the year without the withdrawals, are perennial streams.
   PHASED DEVELOPMENT: A subdivision application and preliminary plat that at the time of submission consist of independently platted development phases that are scheduled for review on a schedule proposed by the subdivider.
   RIGHT-OF-WAY: A strip of land dedicated or reserved for use as a public way.
   STREET: A public thoroughfare or right-of-way which affords the principal means of access to property.
   VICINITY MAP: A small scale map showing the location of a tract of land in relation to a larger land area. (Ord. 3164, 9-23-2013; amd. Ord. 3244, 10-29-2018)