A.   In the area bounded by Benton Avenue on its east side, Hauser Boulevard on its north side, Hayes Street on its west side including the 800 block of Holter and Clarke Street on its south side, no existing brick sidewalks shall be replaced with concrete without notifying the public works director of the city. The person removing a brick sidewalk or part thereof, in the area just described, shall store the removed brick for a period of ten (10) days after notifying the public works director of the city. If said bricks are not picked up by the city at the end of said ten (10) day period, the person removing said brick sidewalk or part thereof can dispose of the bricks as he/she sees fit.
   B.   The property owner abutting the brick sidewalk shall be responsible for major repairs and maintenance, including leveling and resetting brick. In addition, the abutting property owner is responsible for snow removal, cleaning, trimming of grass, minor maintenance and controlling root growth to the extent possible to deter brick upheaval. (Ord. 2248, 3-29-1982)
   C.   For driveways across a brick sidewalk for garage access, concrete may be used in that area for the driveway, limited by the width of the driveway, in accordance with construction specifications contained in chapter 5 of this title. (Ord. 2546, 6-4-1990)
   D.   The entire cost of the improvement to the brick sidewalk in the area above described will be borne by the abutting property owner. (Ord. 2248, 3-29-1982)