Whenever any sidewalk, curb and gutter which is now, or which may by reason of natural deterioration or decay, or by reason of unevenness, rapid slopes or from any cause whatever, becomes unfit or unsafe for public travel, or dangerous to the public safety, the city engineer shall require the owner of the premises abutting such sidewalk, curb and gutter, or his agent, to immediately repair the same, and in the case of his refusal or neglect to comply with such requisition, or in case no one can be found upon whom to serve such notice to repair such sidewalk, curb and gutter, such sidewalk, curb and gutter shall be immediately removed, rebuilt, paved, cleaned, repaired or newly built by the city engineer, or such other form of relief as may be required to make the same fit for public travel as in his judgment may be most expedient, and the cost thereof shall be a lien or assessment upon the property abutting upon such sidewalk, curb and gutter, and may be enforced or the amount may be recovered against the owner by a suit before any court of competent jurisdiction, or may be assessed and collected as a special tax against such property as in other cases and in accordance with sections 7-14-4109 and 7-14-4110, Montana Code Annotated. (Ord. 2546, 6-4-1990)