7-4-7: COST; LIEN:
The construction of all new sidewalks, curbs and gutters ordered, as herein provided, where the owner fails to do so, shall be under the supervision and done to the satisfaction of the city engineer. The total cost of all sidewalks, curbs and gutters constructed by the city, or that may be constructed or repaired by the city engineer, in accordance with the orders of the commission, or in the maintenance of sidewalks, curbs and gutters (which total cost shall include any notice, grade, blocking, handrailing, private crossing, administrative design, construction costs, and all other necessary expenditures), shall be certified by the city engineer to the treasurer, who shall transmit forthwith a copy thereof to the owner of the property immediately abutting upon said sidewalk, curb and gutter, or to his agent, lessee, or tenant, either by mailing or delivering the same, which total cost of construction must be paid within one month from the date thereof and if not paid within said time, the same shall become a lien or assessment against the property abutting upon such sidewalk, curb and gutter. The costs may be amortized and will bear interest over the term as determined by the commission. (Ord. 2546, 6-4-1990)