A.   License Requirements: To obtain a license under this chapter, the legal owner or the legal representative of the commercial enterprise must submit a complete application and pay the non-refundable applicable fee to the City.
   B.   Initial Application Form:
      1.   The form of the application must be uniform for all applicants as determined by the City, but must contain the following:
         a.   Legal name of the owner of the commercial enterprise to be licensed.
         b.   Physical and mailing address of the commercial enterprise. If the commercial enterprise operates out of multiple locations, the physical address of each location, including warehouses, must be listed.
         c.   If the commercial enterprise is operated by a separate legal entity, the full name of said legal entity and the entity's registered agent as registered with the Montana Secretary of State.
         d.   Description of the nature of the commercial enterprise in sufficient detail to determine if additional licensure or endorsement is required.
         e.   Whether the commercial enterprise is being conducted as a home occupation.
         f.   The number of full-time equivalent employees employed by the commercial enterprise.
         g.   Affirmation that the commercial enterprise will be conducted in compliance with all applicable Federal, State, and local laws, rules, and regulations.
         h.   Any other information as may be required for administration of this title.
      2.   The application form must be signed by the legal owner or the legal representative of the commercial enterprise verifying that all information contained within the application is true and correct.
   C.   No License Will Be Issued If Arrears Are Owed To The City: A business license cannot be issued to any person or commercial enterprise if the person, commercial enterprise, or the owner or any officer thereof, owes any arrears to the City.
   D.   Initial Application Review Process:
      1.   The City has ten (10) business days to review the application and to either approve, deny, or request additional information from the applicant. Requests for additional information must be in writing and state the reason for the request. If additional information is requested, the City has an additional ten (10) business days from receipt of the requested information to either approve or deny the application.
      2.   If an application for a license is denied, the denial must be in writing and state the reason for the denial.
      3.   The applicant may appeal the denial of a license to the City Manager. The appeal must be in writing and clearly state the grounds for appeal. The City Manager has ten (10) business days from the date of receipt of the appeal request to review the information contained within the application and the written notice of appeal and to issue a decision to either grant or deny the application. The City Manager's decision constitutes the final administrative decision upon the application. (Ord. 3250, 5-20-2019)