For purposes of this chapter, the following terms, phrases, words, and their derivations have the meanings given herein. Unless specifically specified, terms have the meanings as defined in title 11 of this Code.
   ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES SELLER: A commercial enterprise that includes the sale of alcoholic beverages as a distributer or directly to consumers, including but not limited to, bars, taverns, and general retail establishments.
   COMMERCIAL ENTERPRISE: Any occupation, vocation, pursuit, trade, industry, profession, or commercial activity of any kind, carried on for purposes of economic benefit or profit or engaged in for livelihood or gain, including direct sales and activities conducted as home occupations. This definition does not include the practice of law, nor does it include any business which the Montana Legislature has specifically declared that cities with self-governing powers may not regulate. This definition does not include any person because of that person's status as an employee of any unit of government or of any private employer. This definition does not include any nonprofit group or organization which is recognized as a nonprofit group or organization by the United States Internal Revenue Service.
   FULL-TIME EQUIVALENT EMPLOYEES: The number of full-time equivalent employees is determined by dividing the total number of hours worked by all employees of the business, including self-employed persons, in the previous calendar year by two thousand eighty (2,080). The resulting quotient, rounded up to the next whole number, is the number of full- time equivalent employees.
   LICENSEE: The legal owner of a commercial enterprise licensed pursuant to this chapter.
   PAWNBROKER: A commercial enterprise that loans money on the person's own behalf or for another, upon personal property, personal security, pawns, or pledges, or engages in the business of purchasing articles of personal property and reselling or agreeing to resell the articles to the vendors or their assigns at prices agreed on at or before the time of purchase. This definition includes commercial enterprises that buy, sell, or deal in secondhand merchandise, including dealing in such merchandise on consignment. (Ord. 3250, 5-20-2019)