The sale of alcoholic beverages for off-premise consumption is not permitted in a residential area, except if governmental property is residentially zoned property and is undeveloped as residential, the on-premise and off-premise sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages, in designated areas within the governmental property, is allowed during an activity, event or rental of space approved by the city in advance and shall not be a violation of Chapter 130. No alcoholic beverages are permitted on the governmental property during the activity or event except as provided by vendors at the activity or event. Alcoholic beverages shall be consumed on the governmental property in the designated area if the beverage is opened at the activity or event. The distance requirements under § 116.07 shall apply to sale and consumption permitted by this section. The approval contemplated by this section may be granted by the city manager or their designee.
(Ord. 120417C, passed 4-17-2012; Ord. 190924E, passed 9-24-2019)  Penalty, see § 116.99