A.   Permit Required: It is unlawful for any person to break up, dig up, cut up, excavate, fill in, do any work upon or in any way whatsoever interfere with, any street, alley, avenue, lane, sidewalk, crosswalk or other public improvement or pavement without having first obtained a permit therefor as provided in this section.
   B.   Application And Fee: Application for an excavation permit shall be filed with the city clerk and shall specify the kind and location of the proposed work, the time when the same shall begin, and the time when the same shall be completed, which time shall in no case exceed thirty (30) days unless a renewal of such permit is granted by the city council. The mayor may impose such conditions as may be necessary to ensure that the city and residents be protected. The applicant shall pay an application fee and any other fees associated with the excavation permit at the time of issuance of the permit. The fees shall be set by resolution of the city council.
   C.   Supervision Of Work: It shall be the duty of the mayor to supervise the filling in of any excavation above set forth and the resurfacing of such street, alley, avenue, lane, sidewalk or crosswalk, and he shall see that such work is done in conformity with the type of surfacing upon the balance of street, alley, lane, avenue or crosswalk.
   D.   Liability For Damages: The person upon whose application the work is done shall assume all liability and responsibility for the costs involved and for any injury or damages that might result from the excavation, cutting or other work involved. (Ord. 410, 7-11-2006)