A.   Prohibited: It shall be unlawful for any person to use any part of the public streets, highways, rights of ways or alleys within the city, or to in any manner encroach thereon for the purpose of displaying, selling or dispensing any merchandise or goods, or placing of any advertising signs, gas pumps, structures, fences or any other encroachments, including the storage of machinery, materials, equipment, junk or any other personally owned property. (1983 Code § 12.04.090)
   B.   Exceptions; Permit Required: Any person desiring to use any highway, street, or alley or any part thereof, for any private purpose, must apply in writing; and upon city council approval, the city clerk shall issue a permit allowing the encroachment; and provided further, that the proposed encroachment will not operate to the detriment to the city, or the residents and citizens and users of said streets, highways or alleys therein. (1983 Code § 12.04.100)