A.   Heavy Equipment And Loads:
      1.   It is prohibited and made unlawful for any person to drag, push, pull or otherwise propel any poles, logs, ties, boards or other pieces of timber or heavy materials over any graded or otherwise improved streets within the city. (1983 Code § 12.04.030)
      2.   It is prohibited and made unlawful for any person to drive, drag, pull, push or otherwise propel over or upon any graded or otherwise improved street within the city; or cause to be driven, dragged, pulled, pushed or propelled over any improved streets of the city, any vehicle having a gross weight being the combined weight of the vehicle plus accessories plus load of more than three hundred (300) pounds per inch width of tire (both pneumatic and solid) on any one wheel concentrated on the surface of the roadway, such width being determined by the manufacturer's rated width thereof; any vehicle or machine having lugged tires or treads, or any heavy vehicle, machine or thing which will be destructive to, or tend to interfere with or injure, the surface, base or any part of such street of the city. Each separate act of driving, dragging, pulling, pushing or propelling in violation of this section shall constitute a separate violation hereof; and any person convicted of violating this section shall be punished as provided in the general penalty in section 1-3-1 of this code for each violation. (1983 Code § 12.04.040; amd. 2004 Code)
   B.   Waiver Of Weight Limitations: Upon written request being made to the city council at any regular meeting or special meeting called for that purpose, any person desiring to transport loads in excess of the limitation set forth in subsection A of this section, may make written application to the city council for waiver of said limitations, said written application to be submitted to the city clerk not less than twenty four (24) hours prior to the next regularly scheduled meeting of the city council. Said written application shall specify the dates upon which waiver is requested, the reasons therefor, a statement of the loads and weights thereof anticipated to be carried on such dates, the route to be followed along the city streets and a statement of precautions which are to be taken to protect the roads, the utility lines and the health, welfare and safety of the residents of the city. The burden of proof as to the exceptional need for such waiver and that such need overrides in importance the threat to the streets, the utilities and the residents of the city shall lie with the applicant, and the decision of the city council on such matters shall be final. In the event that the city shall grant a waiver, such waiver shall be limited to the dates, times and conditions set forth in such waiver, including the condition of the posting of a bond by the applicant to ensure payment of any and all damages accruing as a result of such waiver. The applicant's failure to conform the activities authorized thereby to the terms and conditions specified in the waiver shall constitute a misdemeanor, each enumerated term or condition thereof violated constituting a separate offense; and any person convicted of violating this subsection shall be punished as provided in the general penalty in section 1-3-1 of this code. (1983 Code § 12.04.042)
   C.   Driving Vehicles Over Curbs: It is prohibited and made unlawful for any person to back, push or otherwise propel any auto, truck, wagon or any vehicle of any nature whatsoever over or across any curb on any of the streets and avenues of the city, or cause the same to be done, other than in a place specially provided for each purpose and, if so provided, it must be done pursuant to the rules of the city supervisor and approved by him. (1983 Code § 12.04.050)